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The Benefits Of Becoming A Child Author

Published on 19th June 2019


There is nothing that can limit us - only our minds. This is the attitude that every professional should have. However, when working for yourself, this way of thinking becomes a lifestyle.

This mindset is more than just a saying. It's a reminder of hope that can help you as you enter into a new field. 

Many people leave their careers temporarily to have children. From them on, they struggle to get back into the swing of things. 

The professional world waits for no one - it doesn't matter if you’re a man or a woman. Businesses will continue to hire new employees to plug gaps. However, you can use your life experience to enter into a new field and begin your own writing business or book. 

Now that you have children, you know what they like and want better than those that don’t. Therefore, you should seriously consider becoming a child author.

A gift to leave

One day, your children are going to grow up and you will grow old. Therefore, it's important to prioritize leaving something for them to remember you.

However, what can you share that they can then pass down to their children? A children’s book of course! 

If you have an idea of a story that would fit all kinds of plot lines that children crave, then you should begin putting pen to paper. It's a gift that you can also give to the world, and other parents can buy it for their children too. However, how do you know where to start? 

Know your principles

Every book is governed by principles. They come from one source only, which is the author. You need to think about the kinds of morals you want your children to have, and allow them to filter into your story. 

Using this massive guide from Jericho Writers, you can see that children want characters they can personally relate to. 

They’re not entirely ready to understand characters that would do the opposite of what they would do in certain situations. They want to also be placed in a world that they often imagine. Also, the ages of your book's audience matters as a 7 year old child will have much different life experiences than an 11 year old. 

Working with businesses

Children’s books often find themselves highly requested by various businesses. Schools, libraries, clinics, dentists, child social services and many others all desire new and well-written children’s books. 

This is because it's useful to their structure, and can also keep children occupied in otherwise stressful situations such as in hospitals and social service counseling sessions. 

You can work with all of these businesses as an independent, or with a publisher. However, it is much easier to work alone sometimes as you’re not selling these books to the masses very often. Therefore, you have no need to work with a publisher that might take 50% of your profits.

Leaving something for your children in the form of your own children’s book is an incredible gift. You can also sell your books to schools to bring joy to other children while also working for your own business.