Hi! I’m Sara, a content writer and editor with eight years of experience in the digital marketing space. My love for storytelling started way back in kindergarten. After learning to read and write at an advanced pace, I immediately began creating my own "picture books" in my spare time. Teachers and family members always said that I was destined to become a writer one day.

I obtained my degree from Radford University and went on to leverage my creativity in PR and marketing roles—where I served as the go-to writer and editor for each and every piece of content. This eventually led me to pursue my dream of starting my own business. 

From beauty and wellness to B2B software, I’ve worked across a wide range of industries and created copy for many leading companies including Sephora, The Bump, the National Candle Association, and the Juice Products Association.

Due to my diverse portfolio, I’m able to quickly adopt your brand’s unique voice and tune into your goals with little direction.

Outside of work, I’m also a published lifestyle writer and avid tweeter. Every so often, I’ll put out something super relatable that will end up circulating meme accounts for years.

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