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How to Find Your Dream Job

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Working a job that you love means that you never truly have to work a day in your life, but what if you don’t know what your dream job looks like? If you don’t know what it looks like, you can hardly pursue it and that means you’ll end up doing a job that you less-than love.

To get your dream job, you must work out what it is and the following techniques can help you with that:


The best way to find your dream job is to really focus on your life and what you love in minute detail. That way you can not only identify an area you might like to work in but the exact role too. For example, if you love art, really focus on what it is you love about it. Do you love the message? Maybe advertising would be a good career for you. Do you love the technique? Maybe you should be an artist too. Get the idea? The more focus you put on your wants and desires, the more clearly a career path will reveal itself to you.


Although becoming a dentist of training for phlebotomy, for example, require real academic qualifications, these days, you can get a job not based upon your qualifications but purely based on your skills. For example, if you code video games for fun, you could launch a career in game design based solely on your portfolio even if you didn’t study any form of computing at school. So, to find your dream job look at the things you do every day and the things you do well. This could give you some pretty strong clues.


A dream career is a career that you love, so in your search for your dream job, look at the things you love doing most. Whether you love to play with your pet dogs, draw portraits of people you meet in the street or run in the hills, chances are you can turn your passion into a career -dog walker, illustrator or fitness instructor anyone?


Once you have a few ideas, get out there and try them. No one said that you have to decide on a life-long career right away, so do work experience for an advertising agency before taking a fine art class and then try out working as an illustrator to get a feel for what each job entails. That way, you can further narrow down what you want to do and start taking steps to achieve that instead of taking a broad degree or internship that might not get you to where you really want to be any time soon.


Once you know what your dream job is, as well as getting qualified/experienced enough to get hired, you should start networking with other people who are already working in your chosen niche. The more people who’s radar you are on, the more chance you ave of landing your first dream job when you’re ready to do so.

Life is too short to not pursue your dreams, so what are you waiting for?


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