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3 Ways to Boost your Influence while Social Distancing

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It’s no secret that we’re all coming down with some serious cabin fever right about now. And while you may be bummed about missing out on a tropical vacation and plenty of Insta-worthy beach shots, why not devote the extra down time toward the parts of your Instagram presence that you can control?

Here are three strategies to enhance your social media influence while social distancing.

1. Develop a targeted hashtag strategy.

    Bloggers and influencers have been utilizing hashtags in their posts for years, but many aren’t leveraging them to their full potential.

    Instead of keeping your hashtags generic, dive deeper and include hashtags that speak to the specific content of your post.

    For example, let’s say you’re a mental health blogger and your post is about setting boundaries. Instead of using #mentalhealth or #mentalhealthtips, go for #healthyboundaries or #settingboundaries.

    You can also click “similar hashtags” and find other niche hashtags that speak to the general approach of your post, such as #selfworthmovement, #protectyourenergy, and #empowerher.

    Also, spend some time browsing the latest posts that use these hashtags. Is the content similar to yours? Is it focused or all over the place? These answers are critical to staying extra strategic with your hashtags and choosing the right ones that resonate with your target audience.

    In addition to using strategic hashtags in your posts, you can also block time throughout the day to engage with posts that use these hashtags. Like and comment on relevant posts, and even follow accounts of interest. This targeted approach is much more likely to generate meaningful results than a standard “follow for follow” route.

    Another common mistake that social media influencers make is choosing hashtags that are just a little too popular. For instance, #mentalhealth has 16.6 million posts. That’s a lot of posts to compete with!

    Instead, aim for hashtags that fall in the 20k-1000k range. This prevents your content from getting lost in the crowd, while still reaching a significant amount of people who fit your ideal audience.

    2. Get personal with your followers.

    While you may have a general understanding of the content that resonates with your followers, use this time to get extra personal with them.

    Use the poll feature to gauge your followers’ interest in potential blog topics, and encourage them to share additional ideas through the question feature.

    Spend some time scanning your DMs, and check out the types of stories that your followers often “react” or respond to. Do you notice any trends? If you have a Business account, you can also take a look at the metrics for your recent posts. Use these insights to drive future content.

    Regardless of your niche, adding a personal twist to your content helps build trust and maintain a sense of authenticity. So don’t be afraid to show off your personality here and there!

    3. Offer more timely value.

    While it’s critical for influencers to offer value year-round, there’s a good chance that your followers are facing more challenges than usual. Think about ways that you can solve a specific problem and support them during this chaotic time.

    For instance, many business owners need to expand their digital strategies to stay afloat and may be overwhelmed by it. Could you offer a free e-book with social media tips? Others may be struggling with their fitness goals due to gym closures. Could you post apartment-friendly workouts?

    With more people stuck inside and scrolling on their phones, this is the time to remind them why they followed you and encourage them to stick around.

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